Data Analytics for retail!

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Here at Eureka Module we have developed several tools for retail business.Among them are:

  • customer clustering
  • market basket analysis
  • recommendation engines

Our recommendations system not only provides your business with the recommendations it even distributes them to each individual customer!

You can read more about them in our products-services page. In it you can enjoy our new video. Our motto is

“Maybe you can not take each of your customers by the hand and recommend them new products, but with Eureka Module you can do the next best thing!”


The Final! Germany -Argentina

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Our team’s predictions for the final.

Winner Germany with probability 46%!

Germany - Argentina

WorldCup2014 Netherlands – Argentina

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Wow what a match: Brazil – Germany!

Our predictions for the game Netherlands – Argentina: almost equal probabilities for the three outcomes of the match (NED wins, ARG wins, draw) with a very thin head start for the team of Nethelands. See the table below.



As usual the rows correspond to goals scored by Netherlands and the columns to goals for Argentina. Ex. the number 0,1473881 in the second row, second column is the probability of the game (90’+overtime) ending 1-0 in favour of Netherlands.

WorldCup 2014 Brazil – Germany

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Like everyone else so we are watching the match between Brazil and Germany for the world cup. We predict a 42% chance of Germany winning the game. In the table below we have the probabilities for various outcomes for the 90’+overtime of the game.Brazil - Germany

For example the second row, second column number 0,1160017) is the probability of 1-0 score in favour of Brazil.


Our hiring logo

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Here at Eureka Module we are always interested in finding out new talents to hire! As you can see at our official page currently we are interested in Hadoop,Hbase,Mahout experts.

We had the idea of modifying a well-known image for using it as our hiring logo.  Does it ring a bell?


A small banner for math applications survey

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A member of our team has the greek math blog amathematiciansblog. He  is conducting a survey on the applications of mathematics. The rest of the team were happy to create a banner:

animated banner

For the non greek speakers is says “survey for the applications of mathematics”. If you click it you ‘ll see it is animated.


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